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LA CA MUSIC (ASCAP) presents...ROOMS… a one of a kind modern musical, advancing the Christian spiritual.


The new two hour plus, Poetry Band double album, ROOMS (based on the book ROOMS by Wilson Sherman) is a kind of a “rock opera,” and though not classical music is in the epic vein of Bach’s “Mass in B minor,” Handel’s “Messiah,” and Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis,” that unlike ROOMS, are classical mass compilations and not plays.


ROOMS features American music (though it could be reinterpreted into classical music) consisting of long jams, revelatory and prophetic spoken word, and hit potential songs.


Former President Clinton wrote that the last Poetry Band album is, “Great!”

LA CA MUSIC is currently offering the film/video rights to the ROOMS book and double music album.


The traditional ROOMS book/CD are available at Amazon or by special request. The compressed internet version can be heard at: or iTunes. (Note: film rights do not include POETRY BAND appearance). Please let us know of interest at or 858-834-4344.


Thank you. (click on EXIT door for the grand finale of all time!)


Apocalyptic Rock Opera!
Film Rights Available

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